《A Special Kind of Hero》歌詞:byStephanie Lawrence mp3歌詞

重磅!錯過再等一年(還剩21小時恢復原價)!32G Kindle Paperwhite 4 降價50美刀32G Oasis 降價80美刀

Living for a very special sign

Telling of a very special time

Living just a chance to stay the play

In a very different kind of game

Just one chance to be held on high

Or be …… down


Can you see the guy between right and wrong

Tearful sounds and joyful song

Reaching for the hands of love

Hoping to be put above

My friend, to be a special kind of hero

My new fun game, to be a special kind of hero

I need you, need you with me

My hero, how you ……

Feelings I cannot explain

What feeds for my pain

Capturing moments in time

That no world can ever replace

Forever suspended in space

Moments of a very special kind

Immortalize an aspect of the mind

Moving pass limits of those of us

Guiden by the …… flow

Into places never seen before

Where I can be a certain kind

I want to a hero in my mind

With a very special from the fun

In very special moments of my life.