《The Bolder Thing To Do》歌詞:byGregory And The Hawk mp3歌詞

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Every day trying to make up for the one before

Climb three flights to tremble at the sight of your already open door

The frustration I see when I tell you I like some company

Breaks my heart

How can you be so impartial?


And I’ve made myself the fool

Who’s fallen for you

So let me down softly this time and

I wont have to come back cryin’

I’ve just made myself look bad and

You’re the one who should be feelin’ bad

It’d be better to forget you

But I don’t really want to

It’d be better to forget you

But I don’t really want to

Energy spent trying to believe you’re not worth it

You don’t deserve it

But I wish you did ’cause I can’t live without this

And I’ll remember you as the second or two

Artists I knew who decided to screw me over

’cause it’s the bolder thing to do

Chorus X2

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