《Advice》歌詞:by Graham Coxon Graham Coxon mp3歌詞

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Why can’t you realise

Just get more paralised

Then get the rabble round

And shoot the arrows out

Go write a new song,you’re so discerning

Fall out of my tongue,it’s quiet determined

Don’t think of stopping when you see the stop sign

Just listen to the groovy records till the morning

Disjoint,the point

Just shunt,the point

Tough break man,it’s not enough

Completely tough,fucking enough

You mind me standing here

Talk through your adenoids

They’re sharpening their knives

A pull before you rise

I write a new song,while I was touring

Man,it was no fun,totally boring

Don’t think of singing till you see the white eye

Turn up the fuzz and dull your senses till the morning


Why can’t you realise

Just get more paralised

I’m feeling pretty much back where I started and it’s quiet concerning me

Someone gonna give you advice until the morning

Giving you continual advice until the morning

Just push it to the back of my mind

Expand to the back of my mind

Extend to the back of my mind


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