《Take It Off》歌詞:by K. Sebert Gottwald Claude Kelly Kesha mp3歌詞

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There’s a place downtown,

Where the freaks all come around.

It’s a hole in the wall.

It’s a dirty free for all.

When the dark

Of the night comes around.

That’s the time,

That the animal comes alive.

Looking for

Something wild.

And now we lookin’ like pimps

In my gold Trans-Am.

Got a water bottle full of whiskey

In my handbag.

Got my drunk text on

I’ll regret it in the mornin’

But tonight

I don’t give a.. I don’t give a .. I don’t give a

And they turn me on.

When they Take It Off.

Everybody Take It Off.

There’s a place I know

If you’re looking for a show.

Where they go hardcore

And there’s glitter on the floor.

Lose your mind.

Lose it now.

Lose your clothes

In the crowd.

We’re delirious.

Tear it down

‘Til the sun comes back around.

N-now we’re getting so smashed.

Knocking over trash cans.

Eurbody breakin’ bottles

It’s a filthy hot mess.

Gonna get faded

I’m not the designated

Driver so

Oh, Oh, Oh!


Right now! TAKE IT OFF!


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