《The Desert Babbler》歌詞:byIronWine mp3歌詞

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Iron & Wine

It’s New Year’s Eve

And California’s gonna kill you soon

The Barstow boys

Bug eyes in the shadow of the moon

Black houses in the hills and roadside haunts

Dying for a place to fall apart

Who knew what you could learn to live without

Mother Mary’s lying in your mouth, now

Back home the kitchen’s warm with Christmas wine

And every girl has got an axe to grind

You live to look for hell, man

But you’re far from the hard light tonight

So quietly we lost another year

The desert put a babbler in your ear

He will find a way to not miss you again

Barstow boys all spit into the wind,now

Back home the hammer always has to fall

Cross is barely hanging on the wall

Some day I know you’ll never leave me

But we’re far from the hard light tonight


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