《Dear Ella》歌詞:by Burrell Dee Dee Bridgewater mp3歌詞

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Dear Ella

Our Special First Lady of Song

You gave your best for so long

This is true

Dear Ella we’re all so glad

You answered the call

For it is certain that your music

Will always stand tall

Your blessing to all

Dear Ella

The soul in your songs

And heart we can feel

Such feeling, emotion

Such beauty of phrase

Each time

You brought joy to so many

With sounds of the music sublime

You started so early and

Made it so fun

With hard work and talent

You became number one

With your bearing so regal

Your voice strong and true

You gave us a standard

Met only by a few

Dear Ella

We’ll always remember

Your love and good will

We treasure the place

In our hearts that you fill

We love you

We thank you

For all that you are

Ella… in our hearts

You are a true

Shining star…

Dear Ella.

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