《Big Big World》歌詞:byEmilia mp3歌詞

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I'm a big big girl ! 我是個重要的女孩!

In a big big world ! 在一個大世界里!

It's not a big big thing if U leave me.如果你離開我,那不是件大事。

But I do do feel.但我確實感到。

That I too too will miss U much.我將會非常想念你!

But I do feel I will miss U much ! 但我確實覺得我將會非常想念你!

Miss U much ! 太過想念你了!

I can see the first leaf falling.我能看見第一片落葉。

It's all yellow & nice.是那樣黃也那么的美。

It's so very cold outside.外面是那么的冷。

Like the way I'm feeling inside.就象我內心的感受。

Outside it's now raining.現在外面正在下雨。

And tears are falling from my eyes.而我的眼睛也在流淚。

Why did it have 2 happen ? 這一切為什么要發生?

Why did it all have 2 end ? 這一切又為什么要結束?

I have Ur arms around me ooooh like fire.我原來是躺在你如火爐般溫暖的懷抱里的。

But when I open my eyes.但當我醒來張開眼睛。

U're gone ! 你卻已經走了!

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