《Honesty 》歌詞:byBeyoncé mp3歌詞

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if you search for tenderness

it isn’t hard to find

you can have the love you need to live

but if you look for truthfulness

you might just as well be blind

it always seems to be so hard to give

honesty is such a lonely word

everyone is so untrue

honesty is hardly ever heard

and mostly what i need from you

i can always find someone

to say they sympathize

if i wear my heart out on my sleeve

but i don’t want some pretty face

to tell me pretty lies

all i want is someone to believe

i can find a lover

i can find a friend

i can have security

until the bitter end

anyone can comfort me

with promises again

i know, i know

when i’m deep inside of me

don’t be too concerned

i won’t ask for nothin’ while i’m gone

but when i want sincerity

tell me where else can i turn

because you’re the one that i depend upon

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