《Head Up High》歌詞:by Maximilian Hecker Maximilian Hecker mp3歌詞

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I hold my head up high

To face the wind and rain

And your stormy traits

I believe in love

But not the one you lose

When the sun don’t shine

I hold my head up high until the day I die

For raindrops hold the answers that you seek

Don’t believe in all the tragic of this song

I’m just trying to clear this mess called love

And I rely on you

Although I know it’s true

That we gave up here

And I wish that your storm

Could wash it all away

And delete the past

I hold my head up high until the day I die

Produced by Youth for Big Life Management.

All songs performed by Maximilian Hecker except for bass guitar by Youth.

Engineered by Michael Rendall.

Programmed by Michael Rendall and Youth.

Mixed by Tim Bran for Big Life Management.

Mastered by Nigel Walton at the Edit Suite, London.

Published by it sounds/Universal Music Publishing.


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