《When We Come Alive》歌詞:bySwitchfoot mp3歌詞

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The sun goes down like a photograph

You try to stop time in the aftermath

But it’s gone, gone

Yesterday reads like a tragedy

I try not to lose what’s left of me

But it’s gone

Yeah, but we carry on

We are fire

Burning brightly

You and I

We light the sky

When we ignite

When we come alive

When we come alive

It feels like I could get lost today

The winds in my mind get swept away

And I’m gone, gone

And it’s one last time to the wishing well

I throw down the change and I wish them well

But they’re gone

Yeah, but we’ll carry on

We are our souls on fire

We are reaching higher

We are our souls on fire

When we come alive

When we come alive

We are fire

You and I

Strength, heart, soul, mind


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