《Thirteen Thirtyfive》歌詞:byDillon mp3歌詞

重磅!錯過再等一年(還剩21小時恢復原價)!32G Kindle Paperwhite 4 降價50美刀32G Oasis 降價80美刀

Dillon – Thirteen Thirtyfive

Strongest taste

loudest drop

head is filled

the thought, unlocked

you’d be thirteen

i’d be thirty-five

gone to find a place for us to hide

be together but alone

as the need for it has grown

a cave or a shed

a car or a bed

a hole in the ground

or a burial mound

a bush or a tree

or the aegean sea will do for me

for you i found a vent

in the bottom of a coal mine

just enough space for your hands in the inside

if you go

do let me know

a den or a dessert

perhaps an ink squirt

a cellar, a wishing well, a war

or a guarantee will do for me

for you i found a cell

on the top floor of a prison

just enough space for you to fit your feet in

if you go

please let me know