《Anyway At All》歌詞:by 李拾壹 李拾壹 mp3歌詞

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Lay yourself down into the snow

And the smell of blossom helps you to forget all

The time we’ve been, through

It feels like nothing to you

I’m not gonna face it anyway…

Shoot your sun down my darling

You need nothing but my spirit

Hold my snowflake for you

Keep yourself awake

If tenderness is what you want

I sell all of them, anyway at all

「志明在顏無暇,和春嬌arm channel。在酒精的旋律里,夠大了尚優優的手。」

Vocal: Subyub Lee (李拾壹)

All programming: Wong Ngai Lun / Yung Wai Ying Janet

Sound recorded by Wong Ngai Lun @ Milkshake Music

Mixed by Wong Ngai Lun / Wongguyshawn @ Milkshake Music

Production assistant: Wong Suet Yee / Wongguyshawn / Chan Cheuk Hei

OP: Milkshake Music (Admin by Universal Music MGB HK LTD.)


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