《Split for the City》歌詞:byPeterKerry mp3歌詞

my dear I'm so sorry that you've got to spend your days alone

for this I curse,

and my heart valves burst,

I want to say I love you first

in some letter or writting verse

but I'm no good with words

And you should hear the other guys in my department say things like

“you know I'm up at six,

and I'm out all day,

just to earn some bucks”

“can I relax okay?”

“is that too much to ask?”

But some of the time I dream

that you slip through my fingers

and you've abandoned me

So what if you tell me you're going out for cigarettes

but you split for the city

to start afresh

away from me

away from me

away from me

I send you off to work

with a pack lunch

for you my honey bunch!

Tell you I'll miss you much

cook you that french cuisine

that you think I like

keep up the roleplay

your loving happy wife

but what you don't know and I'll never tell you is that

I don't miss you,

I watch TV all day,

drink coktails at 12

I don't iron your slacks

not 'til 5 o'clock

'cause tha's when you get back

but this isn't personal

yes, I still love you

but I'm not in love with you

so maybe I'll tell you I'm going out for cigarettes

and split for the city

to start afresh

away from you

away from you

away from you