《Damaged Soul》歌詞:byBlack Sabbath mp3歌詞

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Born in a graveyard adopted by sin,

I cultivate evil that’s living within.

A preacher tried saving my black damaged soul,

possessed by a demon that had full control.

The time it is coming when all life will end,

with doomsday approaching to hell we’ll descend.

Religion won’t save me, the damage is done.

The future has ended before it’s begun.

Death’s hand and the crazy, I can’t stand the light of day.

Watching all the victims on their knees as they pray.

God of the almighty never answers their call.

Satan is just waiting for the righteous to fall to him.

I don’t mind dying ’cause I’m already dead.

Pray not for the living I’ll live in your head.

Dying is easy it’s living that’s hard.

I’m losing the battle between Satan and god.

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