《Alabaster》歌詞:byOh Susanna mp3歌詞

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Met on the shore on a rainy dawn in late November

‘Speak not a word,’ is what you wrote to me

Shoes soaked in sand and a heavy coat around your shoulder

A bird in a hand was what you gave to me.

You stood so strong and the waves beyond were rollin’ over

Pullin’ me close like the moon pulls on the sea

I wanna ride on a road that turns a thousand corners

Two beams of light, one for you and me

A house in the hills and inside the sound of nervous laughter

A bed of white unmade by you and me

Your body of stone that I touch

Until it turns to water was revealed to me

Now I long to touch your tender skin of alabaster

Shoulders as white as the peaks beyond the sea

Arms in your arms and soon the room is spinning faster

Eyes in your eyes are the only thing I see

Love you so much so the only thing that you remember

Is what it’s like to be in love with me

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