《Life Without You》歌詞:byMichal Towber mp3歌詞

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(Oh baby, oh baby)

I see everything through wet eyelashes

I get injured in emotion crashes

I get dizzy spells and hot/cold flashes

The cold air between us cuts slits and gashes

You are dearer to me than sweet breath or sunlight

you’re living milk, you’re porcelain white

I want to drown in your every night

The absence of you brings me down from flight

My whole world is in winter

well I’m waiting for the Spring

I live in the life to come

cuz without you I can begin, to live…

Life without you

Life without you

Life without you

aint life at all

I see everything through rose-colored glasses

I have no words, only dots and dashes

I have no love, you raid my stashes

I covet you madly under false eyelashes


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