《Hoist The Colours》歌詞:byHans Zimmer mp3歌詞

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hoist the colours –揚起船旗



The king and his men //國王和他的手下們

stole the queen From her bed //從皇后的床上偷偷抓起

and bound her in her Bones //并將她束縛在她的骨子里

The seas be ours and by the powers //我們擁有海洋和力量

Where we will well roam //我們該流浪何方

Yo ho, haul together, //唷吼 一起轉航

hoist theColors high //揚起船旗

heave ho,thieves and beggars, //拉呀 小偷和乞丐,

never shall we die //我們將永不死

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