《Let039s Get Married》歌詞:by mariya takeuchi 陳慧嫻 mp3歌詞

let’s get married


曲/詞:mariya takeuchi


now let’s get married

no need to wait and waste our time

why do we have to carry on this way

no one can keep us apart

so, let’s get married right away

i’ll wake you up in the morning, my baby

sweeten your coffee with my kiss

and in the night i will hold you so tightly

whisperin the words you long to hear

so, let’s get married

why don’t you askme and stop hesitsting

just think how happy we can be

you & me in a small house with a dog

so, let’s get married right away

when you are blue and so down, my baby

i’ll give a smile to cheer you up

but if i get sad and longly

please hug me close and wipe my tears

so, let’s get married

i just don’t know how to live without you

maybe it’s nice to have our kids some day

and this is all i can say

so, let’s get married right away

now let’s get married right away