《Lie Low Lilo》歌詞:byMike TV mp3歌詞

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Lie low,lilo

Lilo start to pack,coz you’re never coming back

You’ve gone too far by stealing cars,you are a foolish chap

A thief before a man,nicking airbeds from Taiwan

Destined for a life of crime,no friends or pension plan

Now what’s he supposed to do?

He’s goona be caught up with soon

And then he’ll sing a different tune with the jailbirds whoa-oh

Bad luck it’s not his day,he’ll be found and put away

A hefty price he’ll have to pay,a lesson learnt

Lie low,Lilo

You never had a job,coz it’s easier to rob

Petty crim’thieving’s your thing,then someone had to dob

Lie low,no more fun,a kleptomaniac is on the run

Someone help him please or else he’s gonna come undone

I know that he’ll pinch an inch to swipe a mile

Lilo is that kind of guy

Although we have been best mates for quite a while

And so he goes inside

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