《lay down your arms 》歌詞:byFlowers From The Man Who Shot Your Cousin mp3歌詞

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Don’t come to me with forevers

I love you more with each new day

But there is nothing everlasting

And Death blows promises away

Don’t tell me I don’t have no secrets

There’s still a place I wanta be

There’s still a path I haven’t wandered

But I’m afraid of where it leads

Let me hold your hands

Your arms, your sides

The small of your back

Your shoulders and

Your wrists, your thighs

Your ankles and I’ll

Find my way inside

You say I don’t deserve emotions

That my devotion isn’t true

You say I gotta find my place

Well my place is inside of you

So don’t be hasty in your judgment

Don’t pull the bag over my head

For there are many here who hunger

And there are many who despair

Lay down your arms

Your hair, your gown

The scroll of your spine

Hand me your head

Your waist, your breath

Your nipples and I’ll

Find my way inside

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