《Oh Ellin》歌詞:by Gob Goutzinakis Mantle … Gob mp3歌詞

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Oh! Ellin

oh! Ellin what can i do? there is nothing

aside from you. i hate to say i’m starting

again to try to get you off of my mind i must

admit it’s so hard to do oh Ellin! with no you

by my side i have the chance to land on my

own two feet and keep my chin off the

ground but now you’re gone i bet myself up

about it, it sucks without you around, it

sucks when you’re not around. oh! Ellin what

can i do? there isnothing aside from you. oh!

Ellin what can i lose? there’s nothing aside

from you. i trace your steps but i get lost i

bet i’ts what you had in mind and can’t you

see that all is not well oh! Ellin not since you

left me behind. i waste away it’s miserable

here it’s stupid to even try to pretend

because when you slip my mind i start to

panic, i’m scare to lose you again, i’m scared

i’ll lose you again.


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