《She and Her Darkness》歌詞:by Diary of dreams Diary of Dreams mp3歌詞

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My heart weighs minimum a ton

An army’s feet pounding on my head

Maybe I’ll wake up one day to notice

That all my life was just a dream

And maybe I’ll be better off without you

You left me here with all my thoughts

I ‘d write a zillion words or walk a million miles

I’d sleep on broken glass just not to lose your smile

I travel for you around the world

Collecting moments – oh how absurd

To bring you beauty,to bring you joy

I wish I’d be a little boy

Where is that silence you promised me?

Why is that distance so close to me?

Why is your violence still hurting me?

Why are your eyes avoiding me?

Let me say thank you for all that you have given me

Thank you, for everything you’ve done

Forgive me for saying one last thing

I miss you and I hope you hear this song!?

I’m dying for you,can’t you see?

I’m lying for you to be free!

I hunger for you ’cause I can’t eat

I’d vanish for you in defeat

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