《Never…Again 》歌詞:byAll Shall Perish mp3歌詞

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You know!

You hear those cries of anguish

Each time

That you face the mirror

And those deafening voices blames me

But that’s more

Than I’m trying to hear

So let the pain revive you

Never let me get inside you

Never… Again.

Lets just oppress this

Demon within

The abyss is a friend

You breathe deceit

And I’m surprised I still stand on my feet

You know that

I live

I breathe


Our days were agony

And therefore so tragically

There was satisfaction

Hate f*****g in apathy

So f*****g

Tell me

Were there days when things were so much better?


You were such a self loathing hateful b***h.

Recognize the hell that you’re spewing forth

What we might have shared is nothing anymore

What you said to me

Was never meant to be

Never… Again…


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