《Not the Same》歌詞:byPea Sized mp3歌詞

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On the pavement,

on the ground.

I feel a trembling, hear a sound.

The light get’s clear,

what seemed far away comes near,

I lift my head,

look around.

Something’s changed.

Something’s gone.

The world has turned I’m upside down,

I’m not the same,

I lay aside.

All that I used to think,

I pour out this glass to get blank inside.

And all I’ve seen and all I’ve done,

I bury right here.

This dress I’m wearing doesn’t fit anymore.

From now on call me sad, mad,

call me Lady Blue,

call me silly,

call me poor.

It’s all up to you.

But play this game follow my rules,

and you will see,

what will become of you.

The world has turned I’m upside down.

I’m not the same.

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