《Island DancerNoviember Mix》歌詞:by有里知花 mp3歌詞

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island dancer


hearts on fire

love desire

endless throughs stray and tire

your beauty

oh,it’s beyond compare

now that my tender heart

shatters when you appear

there you are shining star

angle’s kiss

soft guitar

your beauty

oh,it’s beyond compare

all that i feel inside

all that i want to share

i’m love with an island dancer

i can’t stand the way i feel

i’ve been caught in aa desperation

when this fantasy came real

i’m in love with an island dancer

those hands paint a thousand words

as we guide into the spotlight

not awhisper can be heard

island dancer

now my fears disappear

just a sight

so sincere

your beauty carries my heart away

lifting my soul up high

now i can only say


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