《ENDLESS RAIN》歌詞:by Yoshiki X JAPAN mp3歌詞

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I’m walking in the rain

行くあてもなく 傷ついた體濡らし

絡みつく 凍りのざわめき

殺し続けて 彷徨う いつまでも

Until I can forget your love


途方にくれた 心を靜かに溶かす

舞い上がる 愛を踴らせて

ふるえる身體を 記憶の薔薇につつむ

I keep my love for you to myself

※Endless rain,fall on my heart 心の傷に

Let me forget all of the hate,all of the sadness※

Day of joy,days of sadness slowly pass me by

As I try to hold you,you are vanishing before me

You’re just an illusion

When I’m awaken,my tears have dried

in the sand of sleep

I’m a rose blooming in the desert

It’s a dream,I’m in love with you



I awake from my dream

I can’t find my way without you

The dream is over

聲にならない 言葉を繰り返しても



Until I can forget your love


Endless rain,let me stay evermore in your heart

Let my heart take in your tears take in your memories


Endless rain

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