《Girl in the Mirror》歌詞:byBritney Spears mp3歌詞

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There’s a girl in my mirror 一個女孩出現在我的鏡子中

I wonder who she is 我想知道她是誰

Sometimes I think I know her 有時候我想我認識她

Sometimes I really wish I did 有時候我真的希望我確實認識她

But there’s a story in her eyes 她眼中寫滿了故事

Lullabies and goodbyes 搖籃曲和離別

When she’s lookin’ back at me 當她回頭看著我時

I can tell her heart is broken easily 我很容易發現她的內心已經破碎

‘Cause the girl in my mirror 因為鏡中的女孩

Is cryin’ tonight 今晚一直在哭泣

And there’s nothing I can tell her而我卻不能對她說些什么

To make her feel alright 讓她感到一切都好

Oh, the girl in my mirror 鏡中的女孩

Is cryin’ ‘cause of you 因為你而哭泣

And I wish there was something 我希望有些事情

Something I could do 希望能為你做些什么

If I could I would tell her 如果我能告訴你

Not to be afraid 不要害怕

The pain that she’s feeling她所感受到的痛苦

Of sense of loneliness will fade 寂寞的感覺都會消失

So dry your tears and rest assured所以,請擦干眼淚安心吧

Love’ll find your heart deeper 愛會更加了解你的內心

When she’s looking back at me 當她回眸時

I know nothin’ really works that easily我知道沒有什么能起到作用

I can’t believe it’s what I see 我無法相信這就是我所看到的

And that the girl in the mirror 鏡中的女孩

The girl in the mirror is me 鏡中的女孩就是我自己

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