《Intuition》歌詞:bySelena GomezThe Scene mp3歌詞

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Selena Gomez – Intuition

LRC by lzh, from jiangxi pingxiang

I feel like I’m walking in the sky

Whoa oh, whoa oh

Yesterday, tears were in my eyes

It’s a bad day

Yeah, I’ve been there before

But I keep my head up

So I don’t have those anymore

I made a choice to be the best

That I could ever be

Gotta stay positive

Ignore the negativity

I’m gonna follow my intuition

Tell myself to listen

Everything’s gonna okay

It’s gonna be a good day

Follow my intuition

I gotta go with what feels right

Don’t always need a reason why

What’s the problem compared to the weight of the world?

Quit trying to please every man, woman, boy, and girl

Better pick up the pace

There ain’t no time to waste

Tomorrow’s never promised

So I started living for today

I don’t always know that I just gotta let go

Yeah, looking back

It’s always easy to know

Sometimes it just gets so confusing

Feel like I don’t know what I’m doing

But I trust my heart

And in the end

It turns out to be better than what it is

You see, what’s meant to be is gonna happen

You know it’s gonna be a good day

(I said it’s gonna be a good day)

I’ll follow my intuition


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