《Eric039s Song》歌詞:by史逸欣 mp3歌詞

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strange how you know inside me 困惑你怎么會知道我的內心

I measure the time and I stand amazed 我計算著時間,驚奇地站著

strange how I know inside you 困惑我又怎樣知道你的內心

my hand is outstretched toward the damp of the haze 我的手伸向潮濕的迷霧

and of course I forgive 當然我原諒了

I’ve seen how you live 我已經看到你的生活

like a phoenix you rise from the ashes 如同鳳凰要從涅槃的死灰中重生

you pick up the pieces 你一點一點撿起破碎的自己

and the ghosts in the attic 但閣樓上躲藏的幽靈

they never quite leave 它們從未離開

and of course I forgive 當然我原諒了

you’ve seen how I live 你已經看到我的生活

I’ve got darkness and fears to appease 我需要面對自己的黑暗和恐懼

my voices and analogies 我的言說推理和野心

ambitions like ribbons 如同顯眼的絲帶

worn bright on my sleeve 佩戴在我的袖口

strange how we know each other 困惑我們怎樣彼此相知

strange how I fit into you 困惑我怎樣成為你的一部分

there’s a distance erased with the greatest of ease 那么遙遠的距離,如此輕易越過

strange how you fit into me 驚訝你怎樣成為我的一部分

a gentle warmth filling the deepest of needs 在我最深處漫過溫柔的暖流

and with each passing day 隨著逝去的每一天

the stories we say 每一天我們講述的舊事

draw us tighter into our addiction 讓我們彼此執迷不悟,深深眷戀

confirm our conviction 堅定我們的信念

that some kind of miracle 某一個奇跡在我們中間發生

passed on our heads and how I am sure 我要挑戰所有的理智

like never before 而這么做的理由

of my reasons for defying reason 我從未如此確定

embracing the seasons 我們擁抱著季節的流轉

we dance through the colors 舞過四季流年的華彩

both followed and led 彼此牽引,彼此追隨

strange how we fit each other 困惑我們怎樣相知相愛

strange how certain the journey 困惑我們一路走來為何如此確定

time unfolds the petals for our eyes to see strange 時間打開歲月的花瓣,困惑著

strange how this journey’s hurting 我們如何承受了一路的傷痛

in ways we accept as part of fate’s decree 當做是命運裁決的一部分

so we just hold on fast 因此我們就這樣緊握雙手

acknowledge the past 看著過往

as lessons exquisitely crafted 如精心設計的教訓

painstakingly drafted 痛徹心扉的起稿

to carve us as instruments 將我們琢磨

that play the music of life 成為能夠吹奏生命的樂器

for we don’t realize 我們沒有去想過

our faith in the prize 我們對著結局的信念

unless it’s been somehow elusive 是否無法捉摸,而又飄忽不定

how swiftly we choose it 而我們的選擇如此決絕

the sacred simplicity 簡單而神圣

of you at my side 要你在我身邊

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