《You Are the One I Love》歌詞:byJon McLaughlin mp3歌詞

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i would never, ever let you go

all this fighting’s really just a show

that we put on behind doors that

everyone knows aren’t closed

all these eyes are watching in the dark

put in black wholes in the stars

we used to think we are all down

into the fellow part, right now they seem so far

but oh how long is the way you hold my heart?

but oh that shows is the way we fall apart to the world

to the world i hate, you are the i love

they’ll say what they’ll say, they’ll never say enough

but you are the one i love (repeat once)

there are couples, couples everywhere

oh why, oh why does everyone care?

how think to me aer you everyone does way day

oh let’s me do is that oh i know

those way hope my heart

but that that’s is way for the part

those way hope my heart

you;re the one the love

these say what’s do say

they any say you know

no lyrics

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