《Like A Baby》歌詞:byWham mp3歌詞

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Like a baby

George Michael

Album : Make It Big

Like a baby

Foreign skies

That blinded me to empty charms

I crossed the ocean and fell into your arms

So sure, so wrong

You sang me a simple tune

I took it for a song

Say goodbye, don’t tell me why you have to go

Loving you was as good as gold (as good as gold)

I’d love to love you, really love you

But you see, there’s something you should know

I really didn’t think you go

Because today

I would have sworn I heard you say

I love you I want you

I need to be with you today

I saw something in your face

Stay here beside me

I need your love to hide me

You lied

And now you’ve gone away

And left me crying like a baby

Like a baby…..

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