《I Want to Know》歌詞:byKongos mp3歌詞

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What’s it gonna take

Are we gonna forever

Make the same mistake

I wanna know

Will you take a stand

Will you raise a hand

For your brother’s sake

You talk about the deluge

You talk about centrifuge

You got something to prove

Tell me – who’s eyes you gonna use

And I, yeah I

What’s it gonna take

And you… yeah you

What’s it gonna be

I wanna know

What’s it gonna be

Gotta another theory

You want me to hear

Taking your refuge in your reason

Just to beat the fear

That we don’t know why we’re here

Even cold hard facts

Have got a way of changing

Their stripes in the light of a new day

The world we hold so tight and true

Turn it on it’s head

And I

I wanna know

Living under pretense

Always on the defense

Always on the fence

Tell me, what’s it gonna be

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