《Didn039t See You Coming》歌詞:byFefe Dobson mp3歌詞

Starting over again

Lookin’ ’round the bend

I didn’t see you comin’

Didn’t see you there

My hazard lights were on

Couldn’t cut through the storm

And you were right there waitin’

For my cover to fall

I didn’t see you at all


I didn’t see you comin’

There were no signs of warning

Yeah you came from behind

It’s not right it’s not right

You’re not playin’ fair

I didn’t see you there

I felt the nails sink in

I felt them cut through my skin

Wake up it’s over

Am I dreamin’ again

Baby where have you been (oh oh)


I’m alive I’m alive

Yeah you fixed my broken wings

I can fly I can fly

Oh how I need you by my side

By my side by my side

I’m so scared of givin’ in but I’ll try


Lay my body down There’s no stoppin’ us now

Let the waves wash over

Let it all come down