《Jenovefa》歌詞:byCécile Corbel mp3歌詞

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The duke of Cornwall

Has pretty daughters


By far is the prettiest

She deeply loves

Yannick Of Kerblez

She’s deeply loved him

For many years


Stands at her doorstep


A fine lace dress

Yannick O Yannick

Is a priest in Nizon

Holy words he reads

Holy words he wants

Yannick my sweet love

Did you lose the ring

This ring I gave you

Last night on the hill


I can’t take your ring

I’m in God’s hands now

I belong to him


Falls down on her knees

My dear fellow

I beg you to stay

Give up your vows

Otherwise I will die

I will join my lord

In ethearal skies

Now Lord Yannick Kerblez

Is a priest in Nizon

And many a time

I’ve seen him alone

Standing there

In the midst of tombs

Crying on the grave

Of Jenovefa


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