《Reincremation》歌詞:by Barohn Cerrito Hobbs Smith Suffocation mp3歌詞

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Songs Title:reincremation

Cremate the human race

The population has been reduced

A world condemned to horrid death

And the blood of others heeds their savior

An artificial homocide

The strong and feeble, all will die

Nothing left to say

Warmongers have to pay


Bodies rise up from the ground

Twice as twisted as before

Turning the life that we know how

To the one with knowledge but no laws

Legal butchery will destroy this so called structure

We want the ones with life

Let’s begin the mass cremation

Genetic bonds are broken

Flesh ripped and torn

Look what’s become of you

Will you ever meet your maker?

No, you’ll suffer wil demise

To the ones with knowledge

Primitive actions will suffice

Tied down to the altar, we begin the sacrifice

Rancid death completes self-immolation

Your organs re-designed

Your brain’s been under siege since you died

False life has taken over

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