《Apocalypse Dreams》歌詞:byTame Impala mp3歌詞

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Tame Impala

Apocalypse Dreams

This could be the day that we push through,

it could be the day that all our dreams come true,

for me and you,

’till we’re at the end of just another day.

Are you too terrified to try your best?

Just to end up with an educated guess?

Like success,

Like those times you wake up mystified…

Oh it feels so real in my sleep

Never felt something so close I couldn’t keep,

Into the day, the strangest feeling

Do you really live without the fear?

Everything is changing

And there’s nothing I can do

My world is turning pages

While I am just sitting here.

Well, am I getting closer?

Will I ever get there?

Does it even matter?

Do I really need it?

Push it out the window,

On and on we all go,

Into another morning,

Does it even matter,

It was only yesterday,

Didn’t even know you,

Now I’m gonna miss you.

Nothing ever changes,

No matter how long you do your hair

It looks the same to everyone else

Everything is changing,

I guess I should warn my mum,

But she’ll just be excited


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