《Further》歌詞:byLongview mp3歌詞

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Further (Longview Vs Elbow) – Longview

And the same when autumn comes

Cold Air I breathe in my lungs

Something’s new but nothing’s changed

Familiar feelings just the same

Soon too the warm air comes by

Lie back and stare at blue skies

Thinking back away and from

When I’ll be here and you’ll be gone

Further from me

I think now of summers high

And reminisce on past times gone by

Only remembered now in

Earth, trees, the stars that have been there

And there forever held

Kept safe but memories never told

But felt if you went by

In never changing sky

And we’ll be gone

Further (x14)

God’s love will save our light and we’ll come shining bright

God’s love will save our sun and thy will be done

God’s light will save us…


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