《Don039t Let It Go to Your Head》歌詞:byFefe Dobson mp3歌詞

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Fefe dobson – Don’t Let It Go to Your Head

專輯《Sunday Love》

演唱/Fefe dobson

so what if i came clean

and told you all you mean to me

so what if i meant every word i said

baby don’t let it go to your head

so what if i write your name

cause you’re always on my brain

in a heart, i paint it crimson red

don’t be getting any big ideas

let me make it clear

just cause i can’t go on

just cause i die when you’re gone

just cause i think of you in bed

don’t let it go to your head

if i looked in your eyes

one, two, too many times

and memorized every word you said

so what if i want to kiss

from your toes up to your lips

it don’t mean that you’ve had me yet

you’re gonna be good, i bet

i’m the one whose in control here


i had a porcelain doll

i held on to it so tightly

but when it broke, i swore

i’d never hold on

to something that tightly again

oh, no (oh, no)

if i looked in your eyes

don’t let it go to your head


don’t let it, don’t let it

☆ ttdevil


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