《Fluorescent Adolescent》歌詞:by Alex Turner Johanna Bennett Arctic Monkeys mp3歌詞

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You used to get it in your fishnets

Now you only get it in your night dress

Discarded all the naughty nights for niceness

Landed in a very common crisis

Everything’s in order in a black hole

Nothing seems as pretty as the past though

(Everything was pretty in the past though)

That Bloody Mary’s lacking a Tabasco

Remember when he used to be a rascal?

Oh that boy’s a slag

The best you ever had

The best you ever had

Is just a memory and those dreams

Not as daft as they seem

Not as daft as they seem

My love when you dream them up

(Oh, where did you go?

Where did you go?

Where did you go? Woah.) Flicking through a little book of sex tips

Remember when the boys were all electric?

Now when she tells she’s gonna get it

I’m guessing that she’d rather just forget it

Clinging to not getting sentimental

Said she wasn’t going but she went still

Likes her gentlemen to not be gentle

Was it a megadobber or a betting pencil?

Falling about

You took a left off Last Laugh Lane

You just sounded it out

You’re not coming back again.

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