《C039mon Wit da Git Down》歌詞:byArtifacts mp3歌詞

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C’mon wit da c’mon, git down wit da git down (4X)

Verse One: El Da Sensai

C’mon and get down with that Artifacts sound

Where kids get wreck and, the beat’s bound to pound

We’re strollin through the industry B, see we gotta be

The next shit that kicks, cause brothers ain’t got it

In this rap shit, ain’t no time for the dilly-dally

Pally throw a match in the Gasoline Alley

Blew up mad spots, kids were jealous for the props

See the shit never stops Hobbes, just lookin for my dillz-knot

Styles we make, never fake, broke breaks in every crate

Old freestyles and dirty ass copied-over tapes

Notified that, the Artifacts never slack

While crews is on stage wack, we just play the back

Now, the flip tripper ripper slits ya wit da mixture

All crews, who never paid dues, watch it ‘fore I get ya

Cause nowadays, it’s da ways, of the underground

But they’re wack now, so c’mon wit da git down


Verse Two: Tame One

You know the stacks, if not, then ask some niggaz who heard of me

The half on the Artifacts of Jersey

Cause brothers be buggin not givin love to the nuccas

Sayin fuck us, cause we be shinin brighter than the suckers

Shootin me prison nobody listens to your dissin

Cause yo my shit’s legit and as a lyricist I’m hittin

The high note, so why don’t, I smile when I take pictures

Cause now that I rock I got more niggaz on my jock than bitches

I just wanna do my jams with fams and slam into some hypeness

But biters and backstabbin rappers don’t even like us

But props due, peep The Source Rappages and the Billboard

And read about the tours while you be flappin your jaws

I freak techniques, cause talk is cheaper than beepers


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