《U Started It》歌詞:by STEFANI GWENWILLIAMS PHARRELL L Gwen Stefani mp3歌詞

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Gwen Stefani – U Started It

☆ 沉醉寒風 制

I’m feelin as bad about me as you are

You know I don’t wanna be here

I’m tryin to work out where these feelings are from

I don’t know why I’m doin this either

I know, you’re right, you win

I don’t want any part of it

But you know what I’m like

I give in even though you started it

whoa, hey

The last time I checked, had it under control

But now everything is unclear

Oh help me correct it, I know that I’m wrong

I don’t know why I’m doin this either

Oh well baby, you were right

Oh no no no hush hush, you were right

Forget about it baby, you were right

Yeah we argue sometimes but please not tonight

Yeah we argue sometimes but not tonight


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