《A Love Before Time》歌詞:by 易家揚 李玟 mp3歌詞

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if the sky opened up for me

and the mountains disappeared

if the seas can dry turned to dust

and the sun refused to rise

i would still find my way

by the light i see in your eyes

the world i know fades away but you stay

as the earth reclaims its due

and the cycle starts anew

we’ll stay. always

in the love that we have shared before time

if the years take away

every memory that i have

i would still know the way

that would lead me back to your side.

the north star may die

but the light that i see in your eyes

will burn there always

lit by the love we have shared before time

when the forest turns to jade

and the stories that we’ve made

dissolve away

one shining light will still remain

when we shed our earthly skin

and when our real life begins

there’ll be no shame

just the love that we have made before time


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