《Stonegarden》歌詞:byPriscilla Renea mp3歌詞

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Theres A Stone Garden Were My Lover Lies

The Flowers Never Grow They Bloom There And Die

Much Like The Day When The Earth Was Stilled Up

And Tears In My Eyes To The Brim They Filled Up

Days And Night Pass But Stilt I Must Go

To Lay In The Grass And Weep By The Willows

In The Stone Garden,The Garden,The Garden,

Were Both Seeds Are Planted But Nothing Sprouts Up

The Love Lays For Ever Then Turns In To Dust

Some Days I Put On My Sunday Best

And Take A Picture In Your Favorites Dress

To Lay In Beside Your Permanent Bed

To Repleas The One Whose Been Blown With The Wind

Days And Nights Pass But Still I Must Go

To Lay In Your Dress And Weep By The Willow

Well I Know You Want Me To Live Out My Life

But I Have No Porpoise No Reason To Try

So I’ll Lay Right Here Till That Good Chariot Comes

In The Stone Garden

It’s Growing And Blowing With Lovers Like Us

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