《Babydoll》歌詞:by LAWLER JOHN The Fratellis mp3歌詞

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The Fratellis – Babydoll

★ van


Do you believe they’ll catch you when you fall?

And when morning comes

The sun is gonna shine

Don’t forget your minor key’s

Your half lit cigarette

Cause when morning comes

God knows that you’ll be mine

So let me in

I’m ready to beg and to sing for my sins

Not leave it to chance

And sweet coincidence

Well that’s just crazy

And you know it’s true

Well they said you was long gone

I just laughed and said alright

Bring her home tonight

And I heard you was graciously put on

I just laughed and said good night

Guess it’s alright


The men who hang like flowers in you’re hall

Are asking when you’re love is gonna show

And who knows why

The love you need will always pass you by

Well I heard it’s true

You’re love is gonna grow

So let me know

Cause I can stay or honey I can go

Just to wherever you tell me so

And find my place there and there I’ll stay

Well they said you was burned out

I just laughed and said come on

She’s not burned she’s just gone

And it took me too long till I found out

Faces that you know the best

Oh well I guess

And they laughed when you said you was leaving

Everybody knows you well

Cept for me, can’t you tell

And you watched from the wings of the late show

Roses by you’re feet, of red

All for me you said


★ van


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