《Crawl》歌詞:byMarion Raven mp3歌詞

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High on a hill

Heard a bird sing her song

Sang you were true

Well, she got it all wrong

She didn’t know about you’re Lies

And all you’re stupid alibis

Don’t you know, this bird got wise

Surprise surprise surprise

The writings one the wall

Yeah yeah

In letters written tall

I thought I’d let you know before I go

I will see you crawl

Fell of the hill

Into darkest of dreams

Promises broke

Ripped apart at the seams

So now you know this bird has flown

You will repay me what you owe

Don’t you know you’re gonna live

Alone alone alone

You made a big mistake

Signed and sealed your fate

Yeah Yeah

I’ll wait till the night comes

In the darkness you are no one

Until I know all you’re shadows are gone

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