《Don039t Cry for Pain》歌詞:byAna Johnsson mp3歌詞

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ana johnsson – don’t cry for pain

album: the way i am

hey man, here’s my plan

i’m gonna break it

hey you, don’t be sad

here’s your chance, so take it

if you slap my face, if you don’t go

honestly i don’t care at all

maybe i’m a bit complicated, all i know is i don’t cry for pain

don’t cry from fear, you know that

i don’t cry the rain, no not a tear, you know that

before you leave

when you go

i think you oughta love

don’t cry for pain

i only fight for love

hey now, dry them tears

you know we’ll never make it

cause you’ve got my eye

knock my heart

and play it safe, no i’m not that smart

i’ve never meant to be this complicated, all i know is i don’t cry for pain

yeah, before you leave

i need something making me defence us

i don’t wanna, not to waste a time

you can’t hurt, we’re so sure this can’t be right

i don’t cry for pain

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