《Warm Jets 》歌詞:byHolly Throsby mp3歌詞

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We all lack,

I knowBut babe,

I’ve got your back, you know?

I made a little pact and it goes under my skull

With all my plans and woes

And the nerves that move my hands and toes

And the nerves that make me nervous

Under my skull

Warm jets,

climbing overhead

And out there,

I know this and that

I know this and that about love

I know that there’s your body

And mine in towWe are swimming to the surface

Up from below

And some things give us a scare!

They catch us unawares

Like the beating, saying “yes”

Under my chest

Warm beds, hiding us in them

And out there, I know this and thatI know this and that

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