《I Swear》歌詞:byAll4One mp3歌詞

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I swear !

By the moon & the stars in the skies.

And I swear !

Like the shadow that’s by Ur side.

I see the questions in Ur eyes.

I know what’s weighing on Ur mind.

U can B sure I know my part.

‘Cause I’ll stand beside U through the years.

U’ll only cry those happy tears.

And though I’d make mistakes.

I’ll never break Ur heart.

I’ll be there.

For better or worse.

Till death do us part.

I’ll love U with every beat of my heart!

I give U everything I can.

I’ll build Ur dreams with these two hands.

We’ll hang some memories on the walls

And when(And when)Just the two of us are there.

U won’t have 2 ask if I’d still care.

‘Cos as the time turns the page.

My love won’t age at all.

And I swear(I swear)!

I swear(And I swear)!

I Swear(I swear)!

Better Or Worse.

Oh ! No !

I’ll love U with every single beat of my heart.

And I swear,I swear,I Swear !

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