《The Backyard In Sparkles》歌詞:byThe River Empires mp3歌詞

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Fixed in her hands there’s a trembling fear

She’s sailing to dimmer mars with nervous gears

She is full with a marching of clocks

Ticking discovery through the gate

Now on the lawn she spilled like infinity

Floating along on her bright olive skin

I felt the lost in the braille on her lips

It’s reading the surfacing breath

Lovely seconds with her drift from me

The hooded in watchful gaze

Now she has left here

Place here with proxies to pale English rose

Lower her gently down on the stairs

In the borders of deepening earth you have been creeping there

Buried oars

Bitter froth wine her mother’s tears drip

Severed young servants will sift past her lips

Poised in the stars are the stirrings of fools cresting the inward hills

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