《House By The River》歌詞:byAllan Taylor mp3歌詞

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You traded all your lovers for a house by the river

And all those sweet deceptions and one more broken vow

And the dark-eyed poets who promised you forever, tell me

Where are they now

Where are they now

You were always running, just one more step ahead

And just like all the others, I was following somehow

Was it something I wasn’t saying, something I should have said, tell me

Where am I now

Where am I now

Now sweet solitude surrounds you like a blanket of wild heather

You are one with the land and the sky somehow

And the seasons sway in sympathy as you dance in time together, tell me

Where are you now

Where are you now

And I will write a song for you and try to fill this space

And I’ll take the time in passing to wonder from afar

Maybe I’ll try to find you though you never left a trace

And maybe then I will know who you are

Maybe then I will know who you are

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